This page is still under construction. I plan to add a section on the worldview class I taught to a group of homeschool students.

In the Summer of 2004, I led a Bible study for my church's college age group on the topic of marriage, dating, courtship and related topics. I would like to turn my study notes into a book sometime, but currently most of the topics just exist in outline form. However, the first chapter is in passable form though it needs to go through some revisions (and the version I am posting is not the most current). This beginning chapter is on identity, asking who are you really as a man or as a women and showing the masculine and feminine identities which God intended.

In the Fall of 2004 I taught a group of homeschool students a course on comparative worldviews. Also during that Fall, I led a small Bible study which had several new Christians in it. I took part of my worldview curriculum and made it into a Bible study outline since I thought it would be useful info for these people. As it turns out, the Fall was to short for me to get through the whole thing so my notes are not yet complete. I hope to come back to them and finish them up though that isn't likely to happen till I teach from it again.
Anyway, the outline is available here.