Foundations of Freedom


Instructor: Ben Kuehmichel


Course will meet for 16 weeks, beginning January 25th and continuing through May 10th.


Course Topics

  • History of Freedom
  • History of Economic Thought
  • An Introduction to Economic Thought
  • Economics in Practice
  • Economic Fallacies
  • History of Legal Thought
  • The Practice of Law
  • Modern Legal Issues
  • The Rebirth of Freedom
  • History of Political Thought
  • The Constitutional Convention
  • The Constitution of the united States
  • A brief History of the World in Economic and Legal Terms



Two Essays and one Speech will be required of the student. 

The first essay will be on economic policy and should address, in light of topic in economics covered in this class, what the economic policy of the united States should be.  The policy can be limited to a particular idea (such as trade deficits or hard currency) or it can address the economy as a whole.  This essay should be 7-10 pages long, double spaced, with size 12 font.  Due March 1st.


The speech will be delivered in class on March 29th.  The speech should be at least 12 minutes long and you should be ready to answer questions about it afterward.  The topic of the speech can be any topic or combinations of topics that we have covered but it must not duplicate the topic of your first essay.  Imagine that you are on vacation and meet the president at some point.  He invites you to dinner and boasts that the united States is a truly free country.  And you respond with…


The second essay should analyze the current government of the united States and evaluate whether it acts as Founding Fathers intended.  Lay out the Founders view of government and their ideas of life and liberty and compare it to the view people hold today about government and the current ideas about life and liberty.  There are a number of different angles that you could approach this topic from.  You could address the claim that our government was not founded on Christian religious principles.  You could address the claim that the government needs to be more involved.  You could address the current use of democracy as the governing form of the united States.  Etc.  This essay should be 7-10 pages long, double spaced, with size 12 font.  Due May 3rd.