Foundations of Freedom Class

Course Slides and Materials

History of Freedom

Student Reading: Discovery of Freedom Part 1

Introduction to Freedom - Slides
Flash Video About Principles of Freedom

History of Economic Thought

Student Reading: Study Guide to Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?: all articles (not the question sheets)

History of Economics - Slides
History of Economic Thought Outline

Introduction to Economics

Student Reading: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?: First Half, I Want the Earth Plus 5%

Intro to Economics - Slides
I Want the Earth Plus 5% also available here.
Analysis of "I Want the Earth Plus 5%."
The Opinion Journal article on inflation.
Article on the German Inflation and Where we are Now
Silver and Gold Charts and Current Spot Prices

Practical Economics

Student Reading: Whatever Happened to Penny Candy?: Second Half

Economics, Inflation and Making Money - Slides
The "Rich Dad" Advice - Slides from Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
Spreadsheet to show how inflation degrades interest.

Economic Falacies

Reference Reading: Economics in One Lesson by Hazlitt

Economic Falacies - Slides
Seeing through Economic Fallacies: Is America In Trouble for Lack of Manufacturing?
Ten Recurring Economic Fallacies, 17742004
What is your Economic View? Take this quiz to find out. Flat Tax in Former Communist Countries

History of Legal Thought

Student Reading: Whatever Happened to Justice?: Chapters 1-20

History of Legal Thought - Slides
The Law by Frederic Bastiat, also available here and here.
Hammurabi's Code
Letter from the Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr.
William Blackstone - Commentaries on the Laws of England
Magna Charta
Basic overview of Lex Rex.

Law in Practice

Student Reading: Whatever Happened to Justice?: Chapters 21-42

Law in Practice - Common Law vs. Politial Law
The Virginia Declaration of Rights, 1776
Louisiana State University's Law Center
Federal Rules of Evidence
Wikipedia's Explanation of Common Law
Common Law by Oliver Wendall Homes, Jr.

Discussions in Legal Topics

Student Reading: The Law by Frederic Bastiat (see link under Legal Thought)

Legal Issues - Slides
In this class we will talk about a number of unsolved legal problems and attempt to discover the Natural or Common Law principles which should give us answers.
Some unsolved problems are:

History of Political Thought

Student Reading: Are you Liberal, Conservative, or Confused?: whole book

History of Political Thought - Slides

The Liberal Tradition of the West

Magna Charta
Mayflower Compact
John Locke's Two Treatises on Government
John Locke's Two Treatises on Government with important points highlighted
Summary of Important points from The Second Treatises on Government
On Locke's Social Order
The New England Confederation
Source Documents of American history

The Declaration of Independence, War of Revolution & Articles of Confederation

Student Reading: Declaration of Independence & Articles of Confederation

Declaration of Independence Information
Articles of Confederation

The united States Constitution - Part 1

Student Reading: The Constitution

united States Constitution
Rights vs. Privileges
Watch the Constitution Class videos
The Constitutional Convention