Ben's Web Site

Ben in North Dakota Field Hi, I'm Ben Kuehmichel. I am currently a graduate student in Computer Science at UW Milwaukee in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I am nearly finished with the Master's degree program (all that is left is to write my thesis). I have taken a job as a software engineer at a company called FirstLogic. They write and sell postal automation and Information Quality Software. I work on the User Interface team of the Information Quality software package.

Moving to La Crosse, WI for my job and buying a duplex has been an interesting experience. Older homes (mine was built in 1910) need quite a bit of work. I have had to fix some slowly leaking galvanized plumbing, tuckpoint some of the foundation, change 2 prong outlets to 3 prong ones, upgrade the electric service and replace the furnace as well as clean floors and wall and replace carpet. Owning a home can be an expensive and time consuming proposition! It is also interesting being a landlord. I have had to deal with discontent tenants (they don't like each other) on a frequent basis and it looks as if I may need to evict one of them.

I am a partner in a small business, The IT Pros, which builds PC's, sets up small networks, and performs computer service and training. I am trying to push my part of the business into the small business market and see if I can start doing custom programming, web design and network administration for small business'. To this end I have become a charter member in the River's Edge Referrals BNI chapter here in La Crosse. BNI is a referral based organization and I have met many people so far in my short involvement.

Though I am what some would call a geek and other would call a nerd, computers aren't my life. I have great interests in Theology, Philosophy, Economics, Law and Politics (and I have some friends too). The battle of ideas in American culture has intrigued me and after reading numerous books, articles and essays, I have begun to take a side and argue for what I believe to be true.

The general conflict of worldviews was my first post high-school intellectual pursuit. Many people don't consider that each person holds a set of beliefs through which they interpret everything they see, hear or experience. Many people haven't thought about this system of thoughts and, in fact, hold a set of inconsistent beliefs. By inconsistent I mean that a person may hold a certain belief about sociology yet act politically in a way that contradicts the sociological position they hold. Through my examination of worldviews, I had to examine my own beliefs and come to grips with the biases I held and to make my set of biases consistent. This led me through a thorough critique of the Christian view I had grown up with and forced me to chose between a Christian worldview or one of the other worldviews (Islamic, Hindu, Marxist, Humanist, New Age, etc.). After a time of examination, I concluded that the Christian views I held met the tests of philosophical and practical scrutiny. From my inquiry, I determined that a monotheistic system, as presented by Christianity, provided a system of thought more consistent and better able to explain the troubles and solutions to real world problems than any of the other worldviews.

I still have much to learn and understand about systems of thought but I have turned to the examination of the concept of freedom and how it relates to such things as commerce, government, legal thought and education. In this pursuit I have been captivated by the thoughts of what is today called libertarianism. Of course, 200 years ago these ideas were called liberalism (as in receiving a liberal arts education) and is sometimes called juris naturalis being the Latin phrase meaning natural law.